Monorail Trespassing

[mt110cs] Slow Tongued Beauty – ‘Sopportare’ C28
Sopportare translates into english as ’to bear’ — and it is a dark journey through aggressive electronic synthesis transitioning from calmer passages of modular minimalism, to arrhythmic industrial jackhammer brutality, noise cut-ups and harrowing, dramatic sound design, each with razor-sharp precision. Slow Tongued Beauty is the project of Ryan Scott Kerr, based in Philadelphia. Edition of 100 copies, with artwork by Catherine Mulligan.

[mt111cs] Hostage Pageant – ‘Extinguisher’ C20
Breakneck noise suffocation from Shane Church, taking the project back to it’s inception with two short, sharp shocks of fire and smoke that maintain the rawness and fluidity of live dynamics; no breaks, no breathing room, no subtlety. Edition of 100 copies, with artwork by Shane Church + JB.


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