Yerevan Tapes

Restive Plaggona – ‘Committed To The Truth’
Restive Plaggona is Dimitris Doukas, Corfu-based young techno/industrial producer. Active in just one year, he has been putting out quite a few tapes on Haraam’s Moral Defeat, french Collapsing Market and his own Several Minor Promises. With Committed To The Truth Plaggona continues his path with seven new tracks of dark cinematic techno hybrids, ranging from ambient melancholia to pulsating Industrial soundscapes. This is the sound of the dark side of the Mediterranean. Committed To The Truth is out Feb 20 on black tape cassette limited to 100.

RM – ‘The Hierarchy of Being’
RM is acronym for talented Italian electronic musician Riccardo Mazza, also half of the noise duo Lettera 22. With his solo project RM released a few tapes (Second Sleep, 8mm) until 2016’s Unfit LP on Joachim Nordwall’s iDEAL, a murky, harsh-edged journey to a scary club environment. The Hierarchy Of Being is his latest effort and RM first release for Yerevan Tapes. The previous rhythmic noise approach seems gone here and more variegated perspectives are examined. Just listen to H.b.t. and its kraut-jungle progression, or the disco-ambient of The Hierarchy Of Command and eventually the cosmic free-jazz vibes of the title-track. One deep study on contemporary electronic music. The Hierarchy Of Being is out Feb 22 on white tape cassette limited to 100.


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