The Pinc Lincolns

The Pinc Lincolns – ‘Joy To The World’ CS $7(CAD)
Joy To The World is the third album by The Pinc Lincolns, aka Daniel Colussi, who writes, performs and records the tunes. The album is 9 songs of perfectly unfinished damaged ballads, written and recorded with a heavy nod to the burnt out spirit of all the 90s New Zealand greats. There is a sustained vibe of weariness, exhaustion and psychic dislocation, expressed through voice, guitar, piano and the odd snare drum. The album was recorded in a series of bedrooms and hotel rooms across Canada during a nomadic stretch of 2016. However, the utmost attention was paid to fidelity and mixing so as to bring the listener as close as possible to the prevailing vibe of the album’s creation.


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