Pawlacz Perski

ADPC (Arszyn / Duda & Paper Cuts) – ‘There is no conclusion’
Once again Krzysztof “Arszyn” Topolski and Tomasz Duda are guests at Pawlacz Perski premises. This time they are accompanied by Wojtek Kurek and Łukasz Kacperczyk, who previously – as Paper Cuts – released two cassettes in a befriended label called Wounded Knife. ‘There is no conclusion’ is a meeting of two duets improvising with each other on a daily basis, which results in multiplication of different levels of communication. For a demanding listener, it might be one of the great pathways to perceiving this material. Yet the content of the cassette is not only a series of abstract meetings. Thanks to the richness of sonoristic details the music on this album stimulates our imagination, and moreover its warm sound perfectly sticks to the tape record.


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