Adrian Knight – ‘On the Prowl Again’ $7.5
“On the prowl again” actually refers to death going around calling people home… and not something else…………… but maybe it’s also about something else. – AK. Have you heard the good news? Released Christmas Day, 2016, “On the Prowl Again” is Adrian Knight’s 4th solo record released on Galtta. Fans of Adrian Knight know him as a prolific composer spanning classical music, ambient music, and pop. Listen to Adrian’s recent 50 minute piece for solo piano, “Obsessions” which was commissioned and recorded by R. Andrew Lee in 2016. It’s absolutely heartbreaking and beautiful. Check out his various collaborations such as Blue Jazz TV, Private Elevators, and Synthetic Love Dream. And, of course, don’t miss his previous 3 solo pop records on Galtta, which are all gems. Far from being optimistic, his compositions and songs on this latest release take in all that life can muster up, and somehow breathe out a breath of fresh air full of humor, synth bells, warm analog synths, jazzy arrangements, drum machines, thick vocal harmonies, and of course, good old fashioned songwriting. This latest album shines a light on some of the music community here in Brooklyn, as many friends and collaborators tiptoe around the tracks from lapsteel to sax to viola to vibes and gongs. A highlight is legendary songwriter and singer Alice Cohen’s vocal contributions to “Alice,” “Waiting for Mary,” and “No Gentleman.” “On the Prowl Again” is a step further into Adrian’s hi-fi bedroom recording world, Skymall Studio, which comes with such amenities as dimmed red/blue mood lighting and a lonely fake palm tree in the corner. The music of Adrian Knight is a bright light that shines from the inside out, shooting through Skymall, into the streets, rivers, lakes, oceans, and fancy hotel lobbies all over the world. Written and performed by Adrian Knight except “Soul Searching” by Adrian Knight & David Lackner. Recorded in Skymall at the Horse Hotelle. Artwork by Tom Henry.


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