Moon Myst

XDCVR – ‘Negativity Scene’ CS
Producer Xavier McDaniel (Yuko x Chino, Sascrotch) brings us an awe-inspiring mixture of heavy noise and minimal techno on “Negativity Scene.” Perception altering loops build and rotate around thick and over driven low-end. As strange and experimental as it is dark, cool, and driving. Full-color cover. Hand-numbered /30.

MOON HONEY/BODY MORPH – ‘Construct of Glucose and Human Remains’ split CS
Jess and I have proudly materialized this strange and beautiful split solo cassette for your consumption. MOON HONEY’s side contains a spectral vocal/acoustic guitar demo, as well as a nice splash of her warped clanging electric soundscape torrent. BODY MORPH’s side spews GUNK and electrified alto pulses that erode into dust. Full-color cover. Hand-numbered /20.

MOLD OMEN – ‘Cosmonaut in a Foxhole’ CS
MOLD OMEN (Baltimore) are known for their singular and strange style and this cassette is no exception. A collection of varied head-scratchers that will challenge your perception of what a song is. The duo elegantly delivers, using vague nebular stardust noise, thoughtfully plucked strings and probably a bunch of random objects from the recycling center. Full-color covers. Hand-numbered /30.

Moon Myst is extremely proud to bring you another magnetic mess from Robert Ridley-Shackleton AKA The Cardboard King AKA El Rey de Cartón. Far-out and bizarre static and “natural” noise that is impossible to source. The Cardboard Kingdom is an astonishing and abnormal place. Like a walk through the cardboard shire during a pinball rainstorm. Full-color cover. Hand-numbered /30.

BODY MORPH – ‘Necrojazz’ CDr
Body Morph’s debut full-length album, NECROJAZZ, sees a slight departure from the project’s haunted tapeloop and screeching electronic trainwreck roots. The focus is entirely on gunk-via-horn playing, with viscous lines overlapping to slowly overwhelm and suffocate the living. The four pieces contained here lurch uncontrollably from shambling and broken to violent and desperate. Dan Dlugosielski: Alto Sax and Processing. Limited edition home-made cdr release housed in heavy-duty poly jewel case with 8-page full-color art book “Raw Plant Life”. Hand-numbered /25.

JESSIE AND THE EELS – ‘Blinking Eyeball’ CS
The sounds of an eyeball, drifting slowly from its socket. “Blinking Eyeball” is the JEELS first sax-less cassette, instead relying heavily on all types of warped metal strings. A sharp and caustic environment, sopping with static and grue. Full-color cover. Hand-numbered /20.


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