Field Hymns

FH065 Snakes of Pennsylvania
fh065-tapeRIYL: The Album Leaf, Sebadoh, cassette 4-tracking during the dead hours of a psychotropic day. Meeting in art school and eventually living in fabled Tarantula House in the high hills of Pittsburgh, the duo cut their teeth during countless sessions of cheap beer, cough syrup-induced drum and six-string sonic seances. With that spirit serving as fodder, this sound became a mode of transport with a dedication to keep the space-time portal open at all times. Field Hymns is proud to introduce the Snakes of Pennsylvania.

FH066 Manville Heights
fh066-tape RIYL: coy liaisons with fine Japanese electronic instruments, tomorrow’s sad-funk. Can machines develop sadness? Regret? Does the keyboard grazing of one’s fingertips over the years accumulate feelings and longings in these electronic tools, both so invisible to us in our waking human lives? Are we responsible for the emotional care and feeding of these electronic servants? What was staring back at you from that illuminated screen you spent so many hours, weeks, and months in front of, a screen you always assumed beheld a one-way conversation? You were correct in one sense but wholly blind to the greater mystery, unaware it was you who was watched. A sad attraction, forever trapped behind glass, a perpetually unrequited love and you never knew.

FH067 Yves Malone – ‘Death House 4’
fh067-tapeRIYL: grimy VHS terror, dead malls at dusk, analog soundtrack horror. Mr. Malone is back with portents of dark times indeed: some people live sunny lives of vapid clarity and hopeful posi vibes and then there is the rest of us. This album is for the latter person, so say we all. Sometimes sounding like the middle section of Pink Floyd’s Atom Heart Mother Suite, other times like ecstatic devotional hymnals to a faded saint of total destruction, this cassette will certainly crush all hope of a new day into rubble. Death House 4 is the dusty, terribly fraught, and horrified soundtrack to the dark future that is rapidly approaching us. God help us all.


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