Hermitage Tapes

Amanda Roseanne Howland – ‘MOON WORK’ C20
14695441_10154571870502440_4545311273280021089_nHaunting & beautiful music made by aliens? highest possible recomendation!!!!

Knox Mitchell – ‘Circuit Rider’ C47
crude damaged homemade circuits burning & churning. light them up & WALK AWAY FROM YOR BRAIN!

RESISTANCE – ‘Protect Me From What I Want’ C47
new unknown group .1 gig so far in an abandoned church=12 percussionists 4 audience members=weird!!! this tape was the back trackt to that all feedback &tremolos…newstyle group

1%er – ‘Total Loss’ box
20161022_213715=5 cassette,3 cd-rs ,a poster,zine+ a 1%er patch (pro-made)
all cassettes have cases w/ full color art-work & black mettalic cardboard box EDITION OF 13 !!!


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