Monstres par Excès

Naturalismo – ‘Fede’ CDr 5€
naturalismo-fede20 copies, slim transparent poly-box, pearl cdr. A wintry meditation on faith. Redemptive LFOs and cross-modulated orthodoxies, bass theologies for ambient consumption. Minimal variations on the core tenets of belief systems. The boredom of the Absolute, played with sustain and portamento.

Gelba/Caligine split C60 5€
gelba-caligine-split20 copies, soft poly-box, C60. A second coming for the eternal splitting between earth and air, soil and mist, dirt and haze. Italian psych-folk and rural noise at its best: putrid guitars, timeless echoes, garbled tape reverbs, looping interferences, textured harmonies. A soaring cartography of peripheral musicking.


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