Unread Records

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#189 – Jason Morphew – ‘Easy Come (Songs of 2004)’ CS $5
The second volume of unheralded & unreleased song from ever prolific singer / songer veteran.

#188 – Swampwalk – ‘Warriors’ lathe $10
Two new songs that ooze real deal honesty right into your gut. Bouncy pop for guitar and gameboy. Includes 16 page booklet of photo / scribble.

#187 – The Debts – ‘Lonely song’ lathe $10
Two track hard plastic slab that delivers a cut in your valves. A good thing is happening all around you! Includes 16 page book of random collage and nonsense. screened covers.

#186 – Hip Replacement – ‘Router Space: Smashed Hits 100’ CS $5
Midwest spillage on mars. Crazed up ummo goop that splays itself hard and makes you steed up!

#185 – Will Simmons & The Upholsterers – ‘Bewitched’ CS $5
New tasty cakes from Simmons & his band. Jangle pop / rock / pub stomp & polka even. Have yourself humming.

#184 – Razors – ‘Live from the Laboratory’ CS $5
Delve serious like into song form : long form / short form / brain tendencies / etc. Side two is one hell of a long Prozac jam orchestra that destroys all bounds! Not really a live album per-se – but you be feeling it! Fancy screened covers.


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