Palm Tapes

Chronic Tan – ‘Wilderness Campaign’ C28 $5
pt007Whispers surrounding Chronic Tan’s “Wilderness Campaign” have persisted amongst friends and local rock fans. The wait is over, and the Detroit four-piece’s debut is here. Guitarist and vocalist, Kevin Singer enthusiastically delivers cerebral wordplay framed by tight playing. Memorable cuts include: “La La Lodge,” “Petite & Mean,” and a songwriting triumph, the most tender track, “Jim Pherro & Me”; which, lush in reverb treated horns and slide guitar, shows the group’s ability to use overdubs lightly to superb effect. The track’s emotive final thirty seconds recall a Grateful Dead closing ballad. The tempo slows to a lazy pace, and rich lead guitar work rises to the stars. Chronic Tan describe themselves as, “lovable vape dads in the making, languishing in late capitalism.” Stating, “We couldn’t hack it on the PGA Tour so we settled for this instead.” With five different cover designs (the vast majority are of the tan variety), it’s here.


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