Moon Myst

Mossy Throats – ‘Slim Reaper 2: Hamtramck Haruspex’ CS
mossy2The sequel is gorier than the original. Heavy-thud and scrape dark gunk miasma from the underworld. Solitary undead madness unfolds, only to die again. Grue of many colors. Full-color art on cardstock, C20, numbered /20. All sound: D.Dlugosielski

Moon Honey – ‘Eye Storm’ CS
moonhoneySOLO DEBUT! Jessie Kendall (Jessie&theEels, PU) plays psychedelic guitar from the future. Circular clouds of earthy distortion paint a vast and expansive picture over pensive notes that dot the atmosphere with spectral definition. A stunning debut! Blue print on white sparkle cardstock, C20, numbered /20. All sound: Jessica Kendall

Gel Mausoleum – ‘Viscous Necropolis’ CS
gelmausReading dripping tomes in a soft, rotting house of death. Bodies turn to GEL, some places do too. A nebulous, haunted existence, with little control or will. Synthetic and free flowing.  Red print on Kraft cardstock, C90, numbered /12. All sound: D.Dlugosielski


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