Verlag System

MKM – ‘White Album’ LP
All Tracks written and performed by MKM. Pics by Joni Kosmos (BFE Records) and Amalia Yusta Pressed by Krakatoa Records and printed by WAMED (Willy A Muerte Ediciones). Verlag System introduce: en “The white album of MKM (Verlag System, 2016), it new album, makes its way eliminating biological remnants still attached to the bones of Popol Vuh, with the discipline of Heldon as a guide. They continue in this, his second lp, deforesting vast grasslands. Accumulating bleeps, zrrghhh and kriegggg soon after starting the take-off, stacking fuel enough to overfly Antares, Aldebaran and Betelguese, with its new flight system encrypted by the AMM selfsame in the last century, and carrying the red end of the spectrum Harmonia , Cluster, Manuel Göttsching of Inventions for Electric Guitar but also Seefeel or Ufo of the Orb. These horizons are those that expand icy cryptograms of the immediate past, the ones of their previous album Ad Astra Per Aspera (Verlag System 2014), devoured by the internautical fast forward and that here resurface cyclopean throughout the 40 minutes trip without name. This white album manufactures a physical map of the star Sirius and it returns a fair copy back to us, instituting as a necessary tool for future explorers.”


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