Tristan Welch

Tristan Welch – ‘Washington D.C.’ CS $6
0007779586_10Cassette tape (Red Tint) with O-Card cassingle packaging. Shrink wrapped. Comes with a 4×4 sticker (shown). Download card. This is a self-released (sleepytimemusic) cassette of minimalist heavy ambient movements. Drones for peace. Side 1 is titled ‘D’. Side 2 is titled ‘C’. Both pieces stay in their respective keys with a strong focus on their respective notes. The repetition of the notes layered and looped over each other create textures and atmosphere’s that remain unachieved by playing something once – unaffected. The atmosphere of a failing rail system. The disappointment of gentrified neighborhoods. The insecurity behind a lost statehood. The headquarters behind mindless drone strikes.


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