UROK – ‘Nagawor’ CD
Urok_coverDebut album of duo called UROK (polish for enchantment, charm) consists of 10 spells made with audial smears, tar, samples and fragments of parapsychological tapes. Each track is a specific kind of positive witchcraft, helping to deal with the curses. Each track is named after an traditional slavic spectres. UROK through the use of vocal samples, elements of ambient music, vaporwave or new age in the form of rituals shifts the boundary and redefines occult music in the post-internet era. People beneath the project are M. (Mazut, Gazawat, Jonasz Karpinski) and R. (Micromelancolié, Forrest Drones, Ixora). Album is released as a screenprinted CD in jewel case, in limited edition of 200 pcs.


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