Night Auditor – ‘Drugz’ 7″
Drugz coverNight Auditor’s third EP, Drugz, is a psychedelic gem that represents the band’s first professionally recorded and mastered offering. A follow-up to their debut Drugzdilla EP (2015), Drugz shows a shift in the band’s aesthetic from a more self-produced, boogie/modern-funk style, rich with analog synthesizers and drum machines, to an impeccably produced, timelessly funky, soulful, and gritty sound with sexy saxophone arrangements, crisp guitars, brazen drums, a booming low end via the legendary Prophet 6 synthesizer, and an animated vocal performance by Night Auditor’s front-man/composer Hilal Omar Al Jamal. Drugz follows the same psychedelic-funk-noise-pop trajectory as Drugzdilla, with influences ranging from Curtis Mayfield and Frank Zappa to Bootsy Collins and Beck. But Drugz attacks that trajectory with a greater precision and sophistication, both in terms of the concept and the execution of the record. Released in an edition of 300 7-Inch records (200 on black vinyl and 100 on white vinyl with green splatter). Housed inside a pro-printed record jacket with artwork by Kriss Stress. Pro-printed insert and digital download code included.


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