Field Hymns

FH062 Kane Pour – ‘Vision Crayon’ C35 $6
kane-pour RIYL: video game soundtracks from, audio taffy, Swedish fish + QVC. We’ve had a mad bee up our bonnets for this feller since hearing Kand Pour’s previous release & are stoked as hell to drop this smooth acid candy into the world. Like Yellow Magic Orchestra scoring a new installment of The Legend of Zelda set in costal yet swanky Hyrule, Vision Crayon is a study of bubblegum tension and confetti release and a big fuck-yeah to being alive.

FH063 Garde Forestier C40 $6
garde-forestierRIYL: cassette loops, contemplation of the atrification of logic in seemingly intelligent systems, weed. Garde Forestier is vaguely sinister 80’s hold music a lunatic French guru turned into mediation loops. Or perhaps it’s a Casio workstation gone on the fritz but becoming sentient, all whilst dealing with the breakdown of its physical body and the unfairness of bothering with such a burden at such a time. Maybe Garde Forestier really is a front for a Danish trio of nuns who built up these tracks in the brief moments free from the rigors of monastic life. Perhaps we are witnessing the first stirring of a post-vaporwave work unbound and unmoored from its stable of lockstep clone acolytes. Perhaps.


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