Inner Islands

II047 – Inner Travels – ‘Clear Seeing’ C39
clear-seeingThere were specific natural, geographical visions which guided and inspired the music on Clear Seeing. This is not unusual, as Inner Travels often pursues sounds that evoke some imagery whenever attempting to create music. But for this album, the visions were among the clearest. Some of them were of real places he had visited: a field at dawn, geese flying off the ice shelf of a small lake at dusk. Some remain experienced only through the mind’s eye. Inner Travels is Steve Targo from Pell Lake, Wisconsin.

II046 – Kyle Landstra – ‘Jeweled Moon Codex’ c63
jeweled-moon-codexTwo environmental listening pieces: core-of-the-self meditations affected by a long winter, emotions waxing and waning with the cycles of the moon. These are dim journeys back to the light of wholeness. Slow builds lead to deep and satisfying swells. Each piece was recorded in a single live take with a few choice synthesizers and pedals. Kyle Landstra resides in Chicago, Illinois.

II045 – Matthew Barlow – ‘Hatha’ C30
hathaJust being, without striving. A place of stillness. These two pieces are an extension of Barlow’s Hatha yoga practice, the yoga of balance. He extrapolates from that work a sonic counterpart where we hear the sun and moon cycle laid against a simple palette of soft synths and Native American flute work. Matthew Barlow is from Asheville, North Carolina.


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