Sonic Meditations

SM063 J.G. Wright – ‘Sorcerer of Sound’ CS
SM063CS“Sorcerer of Sound” or “S.O.S.” is a concept album by Justin Wright of Expo ’70. A collection of analog improvised experiments that harken back to the early days of private press releases. LP was released on Polytechnic Youth last Summer. Long-term devotees to Wright’s recording career will no doubt dig that although aspects of the recording equipment and improvised approach here may alter slightly, the trademark of cosmic drones with the other worldliness aura to his music is thankfully, very much accounted for. Edition of 50 copies with signed insert. Download via Bandcamp.

SM064 Jeff Brown – ‘The Blinding Dawn’ CS
SM064CSJeff Brown has released albums on Rainbow Pyramid, MMMsound and under his “Spacement” project he has self-released 2 albums with a 3rd on Further Records. “Blinding Dawn” explores more ambient experiments conjuring alien terrane and ancient landscapes. Edition of 65 cassettes. Download available via Bandcamp.


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