Yerevan Tapes

VIRTUAL FOREST – ‘Ritual Machine Music’ LP
YER019_FRONT_web_1000 After his tape debut, VIRTUAL FOREST is back with a two new long jams this time deservedly pressed on wax. Sampling sounds and chants from the world tribes, Ritual Machine Music begets 30 minutes worth of music intended to be patrimony of the world community. Black vinyl LP limited to 250.

ARBRE DU TÉNÉRÉ – ‘Quando gli Uomini Adoravano la Luna’ CS
​​arbre_du_tenere_qThe follow-up to the duo’s debut full length La Pelle del Fantasma (Holidays). Composers Maurizio Abate and Giovanni Donadini build a dialogue between improvisation and armonic structures, moving from ambient to soft psychedelia. Red cassette limited to 100.

RAZGRAAD – ‘The Water Towers’ CS
RAZGRAAD_frontRazgraad’s very first release. Sounds designed in saturated structures, stratifying timbres and combining dissonances and minimal percussions with melodic sequences. Cyclicity, drones and rhythmic pulses, declining the sounds of the industrial landscape through field recordings and synthesizers. White cassette limited to 100.


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