Field Hymns

FH061, Urthsla – ‘Wannsee’ $6
fh061-sRIYL: Six Organs of Admittance, Flying Saucer Attack, the sweet kiss of familial termites on your cerebral cortex. The welcome balm of Urthsla, a sweet musical utterance whispered to a young love, a gentle squall of devotional drone: and suddenly we are helpless in the pull, the tug, the sweet embrace of a memory of a spectacular summer day and escaping the heat by crouching by, and then laying under, a giant oak for respite while the day-heavy birds perfunctorily go about their business above, seemingly just as little motivated as we are lying side by side. As the long day lessens and shadows grow taller around our makeshift altar and the first hints of the sea’s breath comes pushing along, ushered up the small valley by cooling wind we unwind, stretch and now limber and fresh, head back toward the west to everything we still have left to do and everyone we miss. And it was good. Artem Bezukladnikov lives in Berlin, Germany

H059, Spectrum Control – ‘Hunters At Cyber Dawn’ $6
FH059-sRIYL: Galaxie 500 w/ a drum machine, YLT with laryngitis on mushrooms, German bands you have never heard of but should have. PNW psych superstar Dewey Mahood (Plankton Wat, Eternal Tapestry, Edibles) is back with a slab of the darker side of psych-doom-dream-pop: let’s just call it twilight pop, shall we? Much shorter. Droning, sighing guitar & warm and crusty organ grind with the occasional pitter patter of little drum machine feet; you can practically feel the Coastal fog (and perhaps a some green fog) permeating these instrumental basement jams. Recommended for just about any activity except…oh fuck it – it’s perfect for every occasion. Dewey Mahood lives in Portland, Oregon. Limited editions of 100 pro-dubbed & imprinted chrome cassettes w/ digital download


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