Adrian Knight – ‘Cocktail Culture’ and ‘Cheap Love’ CS $7.5
Cheap Love Front Rasterized FIREBALL TEMPLATEgaltta_016_bandcampGaltta presents two solo Adrian Knight cassette reissues: Cocktail Culture (2013) and Cheap Love (2014). Originally self-released digitally by Knight’s personal imprint Pink Pamphlet, these two records represent his songwriting-dark-lord-of-the-pitch-wheel-multi-instrumentalist side. Recorded at home in Brooklyn between cigarette breaks, Knight selflessly offers up hi-fidelity pop records featuring lush vocal arrangements, warm synths, perfect bass lines, and sprawling narratives about psychokillers, mail order brides, substance abuse and life in exile (both psychological and geographical). Recommended listening situation: high-end cocktail party that slowly turns into a guy named Jeffrey leading you into his cold, clammy basement. Invite only. No sneakers! Seat dancing encouraged. New AK record scheduled for Summer/Fall 2016!!


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