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Clyde Moop – ‘WLV2 P1’ C62 $5
animalpsiclydemoopThis is limited to 25 cassettes each with unique cover art. The over sixty-minute WLV2 P1 is a journey through a unique universe stepped in its own mythos. The Detroit Music Mag calls it “an immersive sonic environment populated by mallards and Molly Soda, pekins and pot smoking, sandwiches and stuff for sale.” Detroit’s top hound, Clyde Moop, is hard to classify; he calls his music Abstract Expressionist Bass. Using a limited palette (synth strings, claps, kicks, deep bass, muted noise, stabs, and distinct unearthly vocal loops) in a totally unusual way, Moop chops and loops on WLV2 P1 to great effect- re-sampling vocal bits into three-dimensional dark matter over outer space instrumentation. “Alright” contrasts the soulful chug of Detroit Techno atmospherics slowed to Hip-Hop tempos with a searching, frenetic, footwork in a blender ascent. “Doggy Sells Dope” has a more linear progression with bits of sultry vocal loops dotting the electronic landscape.


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