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Alizter James & the Plastic Uno (band) – ‘SPICY SESSIONS’
Spicy album coverRepresents Alizter James’ compilation and mixing of tracks recorded for the great, conceptual & unreleased PLASTIC UNO (band) album, SPICY TIMES IN TACO TOWN. Will the UNO set ever see the light of day? No one knows…more than two years of recording, mixing, and dreaming have gotten the UNO gang no where…we reckon every group has their own “Smile” to contend with and this is ours…

Alizter James – ‘ALIZTER’S ALBUM’
Album cover picis a collection of songs, demos, and experiments. James loves to comically pander to the rawk crowd every now & then…thus the “classic” 90s vibe…


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