PLEX-1 | FEEL ALRIGHT – ‘Hahahahahaha’ 1-sided LP
plex-1-feel-alright“First time on vinyl, Tonal Plexus breaks its cherry with an essential, instant-classic, soulful re-issue: Feel Alright’s debut album (previously released on cassette format only). Black 140 gr vinyl, limited edition of 250 copies. Housed in an offset printed jacket on 350 gsm cardstock with 29x29cm double-sided insert. Feel Alright from Calgary, Canada is the singer/songwriter solo moniker of Craig Elliott Fahner. The eight songs that appear in the original version of “Hahahahahaha” carry a neo-psychedelic, garage pop texture and with witty, ultra-catchy songwriting abilities and skillful/soulful performance, they truly place this album at the No.1 spot of the genre. It’s like the quintessence of pop lyricism, which hits bull’s-eye to the heart of the listener. It’s like the record you fall in love with within the first couple of seconds. It’s like past and future blend with present and make you feel eternal. It’s like the best album any Oh See never wrote. Just listen to it and reading this will be unnecessary.

PHR-125 | Bedroom Solitary Vol.1: KASTEL – ’39’ 1-Sided LP
phr-125kastel39Phase! is proud to present a series of one-sided LPs, called “Bedroom Solitary”. After 13 years of releasing recordings on a pretty wide range of musical styles, Phase! focuses on the style that intrigues it the most: Bedroom experimentation. The plot is simple. Home-made recordings (lo-fi is not mandatory here) by a single person at his bedroom on a 12” side-length representation. Each volume will be strictly limited and hand-numbered to 99 copies in an offset printed custom hand-cut jacket. “39” by Silvia Kastel is a numb-feel exploration on isolation and singularity through space and darkness. Neuter beats, crawling vibratos, synesthetic repetitions and robotic ambiances form a two-piece electronic work, hymn to the loneliness of the (artistic) existence. The title track features synthetic chatter on Dylan Thomas’ “Poem 39” while its accompaniment, “Subtract”, flirts with disorientation through distortion and low sparse kicks. Edition of 99 copies in offset printed custom hand-cut wrap-around jackets on top of black disco bags.

PHR-126 | RIEN VIRGULE – ‘Trente Jours à Grande Échelle’ LP
phr-126rienvirguleDebut album by the French 4-piece Rien Virgule (members are Mathias Pontévia, Jean-Marc Reilla, Anne Careil and Manuel Duval [also of France Sauvage / La République des Granges fame]) where they deliver 6 strict, desolate, stomp pumping, cold modular-wave pieces with doses of synth-punk and electro-acoustic terror. Deranged female vocals, analog keyboard mayhem and spacious ambiance form a setting for deep subconscious nightmare plays. Put on your costumes and join the troupe. Edition of 500 copies in pro-printed full color jackets. Co-released with Animal Biscuit, La République des Granges, Attila Tralala, Perma Frost, Micr0lab & Do it Youssef.

PHR-127 | WHAM JAH – ‘Lean On’ CDr
phr127wj-leanon“Lean On” depicts a recent twist in WJ’s sound, a take in more found-sound, electroacoustic uneasy pop via a laid-out mayhem of severe atmosphere. This 50-minute jam, divided into three parts, was recorded live on October 22nd 2015 and focuses on drenched dynamics through free improv instant song-making. The world is dark. Lean on your nightmares. Edition of 60 copies w/ paste-on artwork on stamped/spraypainted covers.

PHR-124 | FEEL ALRIGHT – ‘Softies’ C22
phr124-feelalright-softiesThere are two copies left of this very limited cassette, released for the Feel Alright’s Athens show this past September. If you’re interested, get in touch. The price is as usual, 7.00 euros ppd everywhere.


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