Lighten Up Sounds

(LUS-086) Brute Heart – ‘The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari’ VHS
vhs100Happy to unleash this supreme analog document of the classic 1920 German expressionist horror film, presented with new original score by Brute Heart. Commissioned by the Walker Art Center in 2012, this score was originally performed live at an outdoor screening of the film as part of the Summer Open Field performance series. The soundtrack was initially released on cassette by Moon Glyph in 2013, but until now the film and original score have never been synched together for private viewing. This work finds the Brute Heart trio of Jackie Beckey, Crystal Brinkman, and Crystal Myslajek expanding their ranks and sound palette to include Jonathan Kaiser on cello and John Marks on modular synthesizer/processing. Bright purple VHS with full color labels comes packaged in large black vinyl clamshell with full color card stock artwork. Real-time duplicated in high quality SP Mode w/ full stereo surround sound. Includes 2.75 x 3″ print insert. Hand numbered limited edition of 50 copies. (NTSC only)

(LUS-092) Weeping Windows s/t C36
ww100Disturbing document of reeking ritual electronics and sonic spell-casting, the meeting of minds truly melted. Weeping Windows is the duo of Andy Neubauer (Twin Whips, Cruelty) and Jefferson Zurna (Three Moons, Visitor). Five upsetting ceremonies of severe vocal swamp, claustrophobic Midi puncture and electric viola scratch, compounded by hypnotizing reeds vortex and high level of uncomfortable electro suction. Recorded in glorious analog to Tascam-388 1/4″ tape at Logville, in Minneapolis, MN Summer of 2013. Professionally duplicated lilac shell Cobalt cassette with white imprint comes packaged with deluxe three panel double sided full color fold out j-card on glossy card stock, featuring original photography of obscure Tiki textile and monolithic hoop-stone statue, plus lengthy psychological deep-dive garble text inside to aid in further confusion and alienation. Edition of 100, only half of which are available in house. Far beyond Ouija.

(LUS-094) Karmiciel Wszy – ‘Teorema’ C30
wszy100New aural smog transmission of penetrative dark ambient from KW of Poland, shimmer/shade, sink and swell. Deep-end tone immersion environments, zero gravity tank float w/ pale thin cord attached. Real time duplicated black shell Chrome II cassette with lacquer sealed labels comes packaged with fold out two color process print j-card on glossy 80 pt. stock. Hand numbered limited edition of 50 copies. Focused clarity, tunnel vision through opaque blue smoke.

(LUS-095) Sindre Bjerga – ‘Every Failure Is A Success’ C40
bjerga100Master of detritus Sindre Bjerga returns to the imprint with a fresh transmission of damaged sound environments. Trash pile eternal, ever leaking grease. A matched pair of recent live documents from Germany and Norway, each capturing a piercing shard of light projected through layers of crumbling stone and poisonous dirt. Real time duplicated clear shell cassette comes with stark white printed labels, beautifully packaged with printed cotton-rag vellum insert and vintage white lace wrapping with clear transparency overlay. Texture worship, mangle serene. Limited hand-numbered edition of 50 copies.

(LUS-096) Three Walls – ‘Radio One/Radio Two’ C58
3walls100Giving a brave few the fleeting chance to grip this long form transmission from duo of Graham Baldwin (Bloodwall) & Jefferson Zurna (Three Moons) a.k.a. THREE WALLS. Hard panned stereo, ambient radio static mantras and ambient interference improvisations. Limited re-issue of the private edition cassette from 2011. White noise circular transcendence, drowning in between frequencies. Each player was equipped with only an AM or shortwave radio unit and sampler, real time conjuring of congealed mass. Real time duplicated emerald green shell cassette with lacquer sealed labels comes packaged in double sided two color process print J-card on 80 pt. gloss stock, featuring the iconic “Three Walls” symbol, hand numbered edition of 25 copies. Churning aural smog, long form shrapnel for reckless stroll off cliff edge or careful tiptoe through fragrant rubbish heap.


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