Rotorvator – ‘Reliques’
Rotorvator is born in September 2008 with the intention to create violent and primitive musical performances, inspired mainly to the irrational side of human mind and its relationship with the unknown. A trio (guitar, voice and electronics) which arises only ever as Rotorvator, to emphasize the centrality of the project compared to individuality. Black Metal, Psychedelia, industrial noise suggestions and distorted environments to build the backbone of a heavy sound, deliberately offensive and constantly inspired by chaos and disharmony. Despite having a purely musical dimension, Rotorvator is interested also to other performative areas, working with visual artists and theater companies. After many releases, including the cassette ep “The Blues”, with a collaboration of Comaneci in “who is earl?” song, a collaboration tape with Ruith and the album “I Vivi E I Morti” released in 2013 on Crucial Blast, Rotorvator returns with a new oneside 12” on Sincope. Reliquies contains four new tracks where Rotorvator show their pure vision of contemporary black metal. A perfect blend of obscure decaying atmospheres, strong post-industrial, dark psychedelic harmonies, incisive electronics and a damned screeming vocal. A grim and tormented sound, highly anxiogenic and darkly relentless, with a great melodic taste.


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