I Had an Accident

Mogli/Manofue Wurdz – ‘No-Fi’ C30 $8
nofismallSouthern California beat makers Mogli and Manofue Wurdz come together for an auditory interpretation of No-Fi. Established in the beat scene out of California through their work on the 2013 monthly series “Therapy” to appearances on Culture Remixed and Beat Cinema, the two experienced producers advance their skills with a foundation of cuts, beats, and breaks with a cinematic portrayal. The general flow of the album blends so many great samples into moods and movements well composed into a story of black and white. Limited to 100 cassettes on black/white tapes.

Perkin Warbek – ‘Abluekindofsigh’ C77 $7
abluesmallPerkin Warbek has a sound ear for lush sounds and beautiful music. The French composure of constructed samples and sounds, aka Aaron 3000, takes a fresh look at 2013’s abluekindofsigh. Featured on blue cassettes, with original artwork from the ’13 release, the new format fits the hum and fuzz well. A somber 77 minutes of mixes featuring gentle sounds and floating voices. An echoing breeze of sentiment captures mood and thought. Limited to 30 blue cassettes.


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