Shapes is Niklas Dommaschk’s ( Phantom Horse ) nom de plume for his solo-synthesizer excursions – and it’s a fitting name. Without lacking coherence the music’s shape-shifting throughout the tape’s 38 minutes duration. From TD like ambient soundscapes to a more rhythmic approach a la Harmonia or the dark soundtracks of John Carpenter: the music’s aware of its electronic ancestors without being just a pastiche of already historic ideas of sound. This is contemporary electronic music, turn off the audio on your TV while watching everyday’s horrific news about crisies worldwide and listen to this music instead: you’ll notice how the music’s reflecting the bleak reality. But there’s a liquid quality to the electronic compositions, too – a fluid and resilient quality: Shape shifting music against more and more rigid politics. Limited to 103 copies. 70 black covers. 33 red covers (this version also contains the regular black cover). Silver print on tapes. Foldout-cover is riso-printed by ChaCha & Tantra.


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