Yerevan Tapes

Grøn – ‘Indland’ C20
Grøn is the solo project of Bjarke Rasmussen, also owner and founder of the Infinite Waves label. The project is almost three years old now and has four releases under its belt. Indland (Danish for “Domestic”) is his first release for Yerevan Tapes and features two 9-minute self-titled compositions that explores the most ethereal, abstract and aquatic edges of his “cathartic drone”, with the A side containing field and underwater recordings from the Nordhavn harbour and the B side hosting sounds from Copenhagen’s Botanical Garden. Two significative soundscapes from the cold lands of Denmark where the artist hails from. Out September 29, Indland comes on white c20 cassette with photographic insert & free download code. Limited edition of 100.

Mise En Abyme – ‘Crimini d’Odio’ C50
Mise En Abyme is the new project by Cristian Naldi (already in FulKanelli and Ronin) and Giovanni Lami (sound artist with releases on Kohlhaas, Felt and Granny Records). Two different backgrounds and attitudes to create something new, one and constantly evolving. From French [miz‿ɑ̃n‿abim] = “Put within the infinite”, the project is inspired by the technique used in cinema, visual arts and literature, where one image contains a smaller copy of itself, potentially repeating forever. In Mise En Abyme’s music this creates loops and melody fragments that stratify into complex compositions. Their first work Crimini d’Odio (Hate Crimes) is out on black c50 cassette on October 2, limited to 100 copies.


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