Wounded Knife

Baldruin – ‘Portal’ LP
Baldruin - Portal (2015) CoverBaldruin, the nocturnal brainchild of Johannes Schebler, came into life in 2009 and instantly a unique surrealistic sonic topography was mapped out: through the dense undergrowth of synthesizer sounds and various misty noises a more and more detailed world of sound revealed itself with every new release during the past six years – full of bells chiming, voices calling, pipes whistling and seductive percussive elements. Accordingly Baldruin’s music has a very cinematic quality recalling the psychic soundtracks of Goblin, the feverish exotica of Jodorowsky’s „Holy Mountain“ or the occult “Themes“ of Psychic TV. „Portal“, Baldruin’s first vinyl release, follows this musical path in somnabulistic certainty towards a slighty more airy horizon. The journey’s not come to an end yet, „Portal“ opens a new chapter in the ongoing saga of Baldruin’s Bavarian Gothic.”


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