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B.F.E 31 BRONZE – ‘In Stone’ LP
The third album by San francisco psychedelic synth wave trio BRONZE “Bronze is Brian D. Hock, Rob Spector and Miles Friction. This trio coalesced in 2006 when Hock returned to San Francisco from Berlin after splitting with his former band The Vanishing and moved into a warehouse with Spector, who was a long time collaborator in the S.F. musik scene. Friction was enlisted shortly thereafter and the three began experimenting with synthesizers, samplers, vocals and heavy repetitive rhythm via live drums. After a european tour opening for Erase Errata and grip of singles they recorded their first album “Copper” released on New York’s “RVNG Intl” in 2011. Numerous U.S. and European tours followed and in 2014 they released their 2nd full length “World Arena” on Los Angeles label “Not Not Fun” The sound of “Bronze” is influenced by psychedelic synth musik, punk, wave, industrial and jazz, blended into a heavy cocktail of sonic witchery. 2015 will see also the release of a live album on John Dwyer’s (Thee Oh Sees) Castleface Records.

B.F.E 30 COÀGUL – ‘La Forja Centrípeta’ LP
“La Forja Centrípeta” is a sonic support by which the listener can “forge” his or her spirit, going from the outside into the inside. It consists of five sonic spells, conceived and composed by Marc O’Callaghan in Easter 2014 between Barcelona and Picanya. The first four ones, which are contained in the fisrt side of the record, equeal to the four ages of mankind. But more than four ages in the historical sense of the development of human kind, in this case they are concieved more like four different states of being. Four possible stadiums in which the listener can enter by meditating on each spell. It begins with the most materialistic age, the iron age (which is the age in which we live today at this moment of history, aswell as the default state of being in which a common human lives these days); and ends ate the very core with the most spiritual age, the golden age. The length of each spell is in proportion with the mathemathics of the traditional division from the Vedic doctrine of the four yugas. The last spell, which occupies the whole second side of the record, is an incarnation of the new city, which is another name for the heavenly city of the New Jerusalem that shall descend unto earth at the end of the Apocalypse. Thus when the four ages are finally consumated, we are ready to enter the holy city, where all things are each one in its very right place and distributed in absolute cosmic harmony. The twelve stanzas of this long spell equal to all that is twelve: the zodiac, the precious stones, the fruits of the tree of life, the angelic typologies, the months of a year, the prophets, et cetera. The first side of this vinyl symbollically equals to the circular shape, and the second one equals to the square shape. So all in all, “La Forja Centrípeta” is a big sonic tool that can be magickally used to achieve what the hermetists rightly called “the squaring of the circle”. The whole five songs were performed by Marc O’Callaghan and recorded and mastered by Daniel Muerte during May 2014 at La Cova de la Bèstia, Barcelona. All artwork conceived and drawn by Marc O’Callaghan during January 2015. The inlay photo was taken by Adriana Petit in February 2015 at the Bronze Bureau, Barcelona.


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