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Troniq – ‘When You Realize What’s The Real Paradise’ CS $7
Inspired by the summer sunsets and long evenings spent wandering the Czech Republic countryside, Troniq produces a distinct form of dancefloor ambient that could only come from the genuine heart of Europe. When You Realize What’s The Real Paradise, Martin Kuska’s latest offering under the Troniq namesake, finds the producer mining the same rhythmic meditations as like-minded techno abstractors Blondes or Walls and sifting out gem after gem of deeply personal dance music. Imbued with a certain analog warmth and rife with glorious idiosyncrasies, Kuska jumps from immersive ambiance (“Road Under Pylons,” “Good Times Until the End”) to Opal Tapes-inspired electro (“Glamour Curves Photoshoot,” “Reflections of Steel Peripheral”), leaving plenty of room for oddly curved corridors. “Lets Do Something Else” throbs with the Madchester’s candidness processes through an industrial filter while “Across the Hillside” drifts through a series of ethereal pulses and subterranean low ends. This is real paradise. Includes download code. Limited edition, 100 cassettes.


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