I Had an Accident

Grey Sky Appeal x Esh The Monolith – ‘Moon Balloon’ C33 $8
moonsmallMoon Balloon is a Low Phi Psych/Hip Hop collaborative LP between Grey Sky Appeal and Esh the Monolith The Brooklyn trio GSA comprised of producer Taj Campman and emcees Subtex and Outwrite have teamed up with Boston’s Esh The Monolith to bring forth their latest offering. What began as a studio session in a dingy Washington DC hotel room, during the 2013 Brain Wreck Tour, is now a polished LP the four artists have carefully constructed over the past two years. The final product is one of a kind, wall melting, ear tripping, drug induced, next level Hip Hop music. Limited to 200 clear cassettes.

Amputee – ‘prototype1/deadbydawn’ C10 $5
amputeesmallAmputee is the alt rap duo åttatvå and Joel Siméus. The demo tape features two tracks, Prototype1 and deadbydawn – both explore experimental rap from a perspective of industrial noise and distorted beats. The demo tape is a prelude of what is coming for Amputee, a fuller discovery of sounds and self-introspection. Until then the two dangle 10 minutes of music our way. Limited to 24 black cassettes.


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