Cruel Nature

CN048: HOW I QUIT CRACK – ‘Eugenicide’ CS £5
CN048-HIQCAll new recordings seamlessly melded into two extended mixes from the Texas duo. HIQC occupy that dream-like woozy bliss that comes just before waking. It’s spaced-age lounge horror film music. Amazing, frightening, chilling and beautiful all at the same time, with Tina”s eerie haunting vocal running throughout. Think Julee Cruise providing the soundtrack for a special episode of Twin Peaks that’s been commissioned by Hammer Horror. Limited to 50 copies world-wide.

CN047: ST JAMES INFIRMARY – ‘An Antic Pause’ CS £5
CN047-SJISt. James Infirmary, of Ashington, Northumberland (UK), was formed in 1985 as the vehicle for singer, songwriter and multi- instrumentalist G.W.Lang and has been continuously active ever since. G.W.L. is assisted in producing his prolific output by an evolving and rotating cast of bandmates and (at last count), SJI has boasted in the region of 40 members. This release is a solo work of two massive monolithic synth-driven drones. Clocking in at almost 30 minutes each, they evolve through blissful ambient landscapes to bass-shuddering experimental noise. Limited to 30 copies world-wide.


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