Sterile Garden – ‘Disconnect’ C25 £4
Sterile Garden presents a work of stark & desolate beauty, where shuddering percussion thinks nothing of thundering through the pitch dark droning emptiness of abandoned factory floors, decaying shipyards & post-apocolyptic android hovels. Jet off to a land where the sun never rises, the black clouds are always hanging low & the machinery is angry. Disconnect is knocking at your door, lying in wait outside your porch, sliding into your aural canal, rewiring your frontal lobe & taking you out for Vietnamese food as a thank you. Dark. Solid. College. Edition of 39. Black on black artwork. Printed by sceptical Turkish lads.

Mirror Maze‘ C32 £4
Recorded live in the basement of the Olive Bar, Stoke Newington High Street in 2015, distorted reflections & infinite memory echoes. Claus Poulsen, Hubert Heathertoes, Tom White, Sindre Bjerga. One side drones & textures, the other side tapes & thunder scutter. You know… sound is like putty. It can be moulded & manipulated & forced into strange, distrubing forms. Diluted & washed away, thrown at walls or doorways. You can’t eat it though, geophagy is only practised in extreme circumstances. Mirror Maze is nothing if not inedible. Let’s keep it that way, say no to clod gobbling in 2015. Thanks. Edition of 47, with mirror tapes & found-photos cover.


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