Obsolete Units

Nick Forté – ‘Overdoes It’
nickwebsiteComing along almost concurrently with his recent Primordial Forms LP, Nick Forté’s Overdoes It is another bewildering and potent solo shot from this underground mainstay. Forté previously appeared on Obsolete Units years back with his drone/noise ensemble Hells Hills, and much like his intrinsic talent for tackling numerous forms of music (he was an original member of legendary hardcore ensemble Rorschach and currently plays in acclaimed black metal/punk project Raspberry Bulbs), Overdoes It operates by its own uncommon logic. A scrupulously crafted series of vignettes recalling luminaries such as Pierre Henry, Steven Stapleton, and Christina Kubisch, Forté’s command of his intermingling synth, tape, and voice (to name a few) sources is astonishingly faultless. An unshakable and mindful masterpiece. Edition of 100.

Anla Courtis – ‘El Raspiarero’
anlawebsiteOne of the most prolific and multifarious musicians within the avant underground, Argentinian artist Anla Courtis has constructed an uncompromising and uninhibited body of work since the early 90’s, whether through his involvement in the legendary outsider-rock outfit Reynols to his impressive array of solo missives. El Raspiarero finds Courtis deep into the nether-reaches of hazy, hissing analog fidelity, presenting two long-form pieces ambiguously generated from remnants of warbling tape, mangled guitar, and other as-yet-unidentified instruments of dissonance. It’s an unrepentantly delirious presentation, the queasy yet confident sensory treatments generating action most acute. El Raspiarero maintains Courtis’s place as an endlessly captivating presence in experimental sound. Edition of 100.


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