Full Body Massage Records

“its all in the background, the form and the shapes, they could be fine or rough. The composition is all that matters. Anger and outlet in judith’s house is like a sketch book of sound reworked in to this delicate blend of piano, field recording and bursts of electronic.” Anger and outlet in judith’s house comes with a short story by author john holten.

“a version of pop made with bedroom aesthetics and a gaze in to space. Is it human or machine? Or was it a dream. Electronic, piano and tape manipulation
form this abstract tale.” about Lior. lior gekler is an a isreali musician playing both solo and in bands [ dirty hands on a trash like you…]. Lior range from the delicate to the extreme, he creates a new personal sonic perspective to share .With the use of guitar, piano and electronic devices lior assembles unique and delicate forms.

“reflections on movements in urban scenery, uooou first release is a collection
of recombined hazey sonic memory that stands on the edge of techno.” about uooou. uooou is one of the many monikers of this secretive musician, and as so he is always on the move between cities and countries. In this project uooou creates a blend of recombined textures that stands on the edge of techno.

Wizard Ashdod – ‘Live At Waldfest 2014/EMCK’ CS
“live at waldfest 2014 is a documentation of the spontaneous show of wizard ashdod [guitar] and bastian hagedorn [percussion] at the first o tannenbaum waldfest, played at the “forest stage” it is a hypnotic improvised journey “. emck is a piece by wizard ashdod – a movement through a hypnotic forest.
[emck art cover by Monika Grabuschnigg‏] about wizard ashdod. wizard ashdod plays romantic drone. Using guitar, effects and a mobile phone he creates a blend of longform sprawls of lush layered hypnotic drone music that rests on 19 century romantic aesthetics.


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