Spring Break Tapes

夕方の犬 (Dog in the Evening) — ‘Oct.16 1964’ CS
In 1963, 100 countries endorsed the Limited Test Ban Treaty to end the threat of radioactive pollution from atmospheric nuclear testing. However, one year later, on October 16, 1964, China started conducting it’s own testing and continued to do so through July 29, 1996. The effects of China’s nuclear testing on human health, animals and the environment are largely unexplored due to the lack of publically available official data. A study carried out by the Japanese physicist Professor Jun Takada suggests that peak levels of radioactivity from China’s large-yield tests exceeded that of the 1986 Chernobyl reactor accident and seriously affected local populations. For Japanese artist 夕方の犬 (Dog in the Evening) this part of history and it’s impact is an important one. He has composed 5 serene tracks corresponding to 5 of the 45 dates that China conducted atmospheric nuclear testing in an effort to bring awareness to these events. This cassette is a limited edition release. Only 100 copies will be available.


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