Field Hymns

FH056 Ak’chamel the Giver of Illness – ‘The Man Who Drank God’ C30 $6
fh056RIYL: generally friendly cult acolytes, Popul Vuh heard through a shortwave radio. A local Cthulhu cult, maybe American Southwest. Their campfires are dim against the black, pinprick sky, the void which their voices yearn to command, yet also from which their greatest fears come: the only thing worse than being ignored, conversely, is being heard. As their scrap instruments beat out tattoos, ever so faintly something shifts in the blackness, relaxes, and then resumes its slumber. But not for very much longer. The crack, once it begins, can only lead to release. Ak’chamel the Giver of Illness is from somewhere in Texas.

FH057 The Snowfields – ‘How To Get Good Sound From A Dead Ear’ C37 $6
fh055RIYL: postrock electronica with a whiff of 70’s Constellation aftershave. The first Snowfields album in 7 years is a sublime affair, sounding like a missing album from Julian Cope’s Krautrock Sampler or Obscured By Clouds/More-era Pink Floyd hitting the Serengetti on a shit-ton of mushrooms for some hazy concert for no one, but getting lost on a beer run. Spacy, complentative instrumentals with big, gooey blobs of pathos. The Snowfields is from Iowa City, IA.


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