Invisible City

ICR11: Midwich – ‘The Swift’ £4.5
The Swift is a one hour long piece, split into two parts to accommodate the format. We begin with a slow, throbbing electronic pulse that increases in intensity while still never quite pushing our backs against the wall. It’s gentle repetition lets us gaze dreamily into the distance as our minds wander. This pulsating drone is joined by beautifully minimal field recordings to give us a slight sense of place but with enough freedom to create our own mental landscapes filled with swarms of birds, a gentle breeze and kitchen sink ambiance. Close your eyes and become fixated on the elegance of flight. Truly mind blowing work from Rob Hayler’s Midwich project. Numerous people have already commented on the brilliance of this work in a much more articulate way than I ever could myself. Originally released through Altar Of Waste Records as a CD-r in a limited edition of 15. Hand dubbed C65 cassette. Black and white double sided artwork. Limited to 40 copies.


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