Idle Chatter

Luciernaga – ‘Tile II’ C30 
tile2“Tile II” is the second Luciernaga collection of home-recorded meditative drone/ambient pieces. Following in the footsteps of the now out of print “Tile” cassette, this second outing includes 4 new pieces (or extracts of longer pieces) created with voice, guitar, and tibetan singing bowl on Side A and a 15 min long piece based on a single loop on Side B. Like its predecessor, these home-dubbed cassettes come packaged in a hand-numbered printed brad-pack including a small insert with song titles and credits. The cassette edition is limited to 20 copies that retail for $3 ppd in the US but the music can be downloaded on a “name your price” basis starting at $0.00. Luciernaga is the solo recording project of Joao M. Da Silva, who also runs Fabrica Records. Joao, born in Uppsala, Sweden and raised in Santiago, Chile/ Waimea, HI has been involved with underground music and culture since age 15. He was a part of Santiago, Chile’s then relatively new hardcore punk scene through participation in bands, zines, and as a part of the anarchopunk record label and collective Masapunk. In 2004 he moved back to the U.S. where he was a part of DC hardcore band Birds & Wires and the Amor y Lucha record label. He began making solo treated guitar recordings in 2007. Luciernaga began in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY and in close proximity to the (now a Superfund site) Gowanus Canal. Instruments/equipment used include: voice; electric and acoustic guitar; Buddha machine 1,2,and 3; micromoog; korg R3, shruti box; tibetan singing bowl; kalimba; tibetan bells; cassettes; and more. Idle Chatter is a new partner label of Fabrica Records dedicated to releasing limited edition cassettes.


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