Deathbomb arc

Gaffe of a Lifetime – ‘The Errors: A Kingdom of Loss’
GaffeAlex Petion has spent a decade of his youth inhabiting the relic town of Waterbury, CT. Known as Brass City, its heyday ended alongside WWII. Haunting this long dead town, Petion is a living ghost. His spirited wail and rattling chains manifest as the music of Gaffe of a Lifetime. Sounds not designed to resurrect the long dead, but rather to be a small light searching through a wide expanse of loss. His melodies carry a hope for finding the positive; a hope for finding escape from his world of relics, all while floating in sombre atmospheres and a spacious calm. These are not the sounds of Brass City, 70 years since their last proud boom. This is the sound of a single ghost explorer, reverberating off of factory ruins.


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