Cruel Nature

CN041: Yokonono – ‘The Atrocity Tapes EP’
cn041One for the acid-heads. As psychedelic as it looks, this wouldn’t go out of place on the soundtrack to Chris Morris’ ‘Blue Jam’ or accompanying a trip-out sequence in one of Roger Corman’s late 60s movies. Four weird woozy disorientating lo-fi abstract ambient pieces that have you wondering “just what the heck is that sound?”, as deranged EVP voices mix with the sound of a battered guitar (and other objects) emanating from a distant room. Tune in, turn on, drop out. Man. Limited to 25 copies world-wide. Published on high-quality C25 cassettes with blue / yellow shells, accompanied by mind-blowing hand-drawn artwork from Epileptic Media.

CN040: Lost Harbours – ‘In The Direction Of The Sun’ C40
lost harboursInspired by the Neolithic landscape of the Orkney Islands, this is a stunning album of 6 hauntingly beautiful new tracks, that through careful crafting of processed field recordings, psychedelic ambient drones and neo-folk leanings transport you through a whirl of 18th century folklore and pagan ritual. Limited to 50 copies world-wide, on gun grey and pale blue cassettes.


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