A Giant Fern

Hidden Persuaders – ‘Elegies and Curses’ C38 5€
AGF_Hidden Persuaders_Elegies and CursesAndreas Brandal returns with Hidden Persuaders offering “Elegies and Curses”, the project’s third release after “The Bone Forest” and the homonymous debut on 2:00AM Tapes in 2014. The bleak and slow tempo heaviness of those previous releases appears now enhanced by the addition of a band-like instrumentation, where the extended use of guitar, bass and the ceremonial drumming of Børre Myklebust renew the industrial synth/ sampler combo, making “Elegies and Curses” the most concise and charged Hidden Persuaders album so far. The flawless pristine production makes the most intricate details to emerge from the densely saturated noise backdrops, the ceaseless pounding of heavy blows and the overall chilling and chaotic atmosphere which this album ultimately sinks into. Like the bastard son of early ‪Einstürzende Neubauten‬ and Norway’s own Black Metal tradition, “Elegies and Curses” is a pure statement of undiluted sterness and Brandal’s musicianship. Pro-duplicated cassette with a download card and artwork by øjeRum. Edition of 60.


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