Obsolete Units

Dreamcrusher – ‘Katatonia’ C40
dreamcrusher_webStarting in the 2000’s, Luwayne Glass has operated as Dreamcrusher, garnering considerable acclaim for what Glass designates as “Nihlist Queer Revolt Muzik.” The incredibly personal and uninhibited cacophony of Dreamcrusher’s music runs through copious touchstones of underground music, taking the stark drum machine throb of Front 242 and Underground Resistance and filtering it through the unsettling sheets of noise inspired equally from early industrial music pioneers like SPK as well as the tumultuous and disquieting bedlam of Ramleh and the Broken Flag label. While a lot of heavies in the noise scene have recently made explicit endeavors within beat-driven electronics, Glass does not renounce the sonic extremity, allowing for his dynamic songs to crunch, crumble, and gestate within the blown-out torrents of static and fuzz. Katatonia is another powerful statement from this young artist, a startling and potent statement of catharsis. Edition of 100.

AMK – ‘Bungalow’ C22
amk_webAnthony Michael King is one of the true originals of U.S. noise, who since the 80’s has been responsible for both the incredibly influential Banned Production label and his mystifying and singular solo and collaborative work under the AMK alias. The torrents of delirious, bewildering discord in which King specializes involves the reappropriation of old records, flexi-discs and other damaged vinyl noise, taking the pioneering turntable experiments of artists like Christian Marclay into distinctly more lawless and raucous dimensions. In 2014, King is still a master of his awe-inspiring vision, with Bungalow arranging a mix of his distinctive vinyl clutter as well as field recordings and electronics into eight distinct pieces of alternating uproar and even occasional calm. Bungalow is an unimpeachable testament to AMK’s steadfast perch among the vanguard of noise. Essential pandemonium for devotees of The Haters, Smegma, Emil Beaulieau, and of course, AMK himself. Edition of 100.

Chapels – ‘Night Thoughts’ C24
chapels_webIn addition to operating the esteemed House Of Alchemy label, a home for experimental travelers from HOA’s homebase of Buffalo and beyond, Adam Richards has also crafted a considerably diverse discography of his own under the solo alias Chapels. Much like the diversity of sounds stretched across his label’s discography, which has released everything from drone to free improv to harsh noise, Richards’ work as Chapels has never fit comfortably into any narrow genre paradigm, instead gestating as its freedom allows, from euphoric washes to desolate tape experiments. Night Thoughts appropriately highlights these disparate talents with flourishingly harmonious assurance. While the side-long title piece observes dawn-like tranquility, with almost choral synth drones mingling with lightly crunching rumbles, the second side is all creeping, alien sonics, from muffled radio/tape transmissions to hazes of white noise. Another sublimely realized sojourn from one of Buffalo’s best. Edition of 100.


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