KIKSGFR020 Knifed Out Of Existence – ‘The Weight of the World (Spread Across the Length of a Year)’ £5
Charred bass electronics, threadbare vocals and smashed metal exposure. Dean Robinson-Saunders has built a proven track record for himself with relentless live schedules around the UK in recent years and is fully capable of smashing a venue setting wide open with as little as a cymbal and a microphone. The raw product of an increasingly honed live setup, ironed out on the road, this tape contains four blazing pieces about standing up with sheer determination in the face of everything that the world has to throw at you!

KIKSGFR Sindre Bjerga – ‘Original Replica’ £4
Earthen crumbled tape spool, chewed up microphones and found karaoke live workouts from Sindre Bjerga. Two sets recorded in Newcastle and Korea in 2014 with a natural room sound. These sounds manage to be textural and immersive and yet retain humor and funk in a unique way, making for an original balance. Weird and serious!!! This tape is going to get increasing air time as the summer sets in. Classic mail art vibes, this one for the underground art heads.

Hardcore underground art emerging from Brighton’s noise and spoken word scenes. Binnsclagg are an extreme Marxist imagist noise/poetry conglomerate brought together around the core of membership of Verity Spott & Karl M V Waugh. Wild, radical, unrestrained, an explosion of repressed energies! Captured happenings featuring poet Keston Sutherland and Sean Bonney, long active spoken word artist, distinguished by the belief that the line “if you meet a Tory in the street cut his throat” is the least violent line of poetry he has written. You get the idea.


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