I Had An Accident

Blvck Ceiling – ‘Close’ C32 $7
closesmallProducer and musician based in Spokane, Washington, Blvck Ceiling brings us the extended cassette version of 2014’s “Close.” Sample based dark wave and mystic synth loops on the downbeat, Blvck Ceiling’s occult style of morbid nostalgia and drained sampling fondle memories of old VHS and b-rated pop songs. The neon only glows so bright. Limited to 100 aqua cassettes.

Shitao – ‘No Bridge Behind’ C33 $6
bridgesmallNo Bridge Behind is another dark and gloomy beat tape by Shitao. Originally released in 2012 as a digital download, the album finally meets its analog format. French beatsmith Shitao lays down 8 tracks that could be a score to their own movie, the delicate touch and somber piano pieces coupled with downtempo beats melts my heart. Limited to 50 lavender cassettes.


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