Charlyne Yi – ‘Live From Hell’ CS
Charlyne Yi cassette coverCharlyne Yi has done pretty much everything. She is an alumni of Upright Citizens Brigade and has an original and awkward style of performing stand-up comedy. She draws and paints and has shown her work at various locations around Los Angeles. She wrote and stared in 2009’s film Paper Heart and has appeared on various TV shows ranging from appearing in an episode of 30 Rock to joining the cast of House for it’s final season. She has composed music for film, was the frontwoman of the now defunct band The Rangdangs (who saw a cassette release on Burger Records) and is currently making music alongside ex-Wide Streets frontman Jet Elfman as Sacred Destinies. This, however, is her debut solo album, half of which was recorded by Tabor Allen in Los Angeles, California and the other half by Jamie Thompson in Montreal, Canada. Lisa Gamble, Jen Reimer, Aaron Olson, Philip Kronhengold, Jordan Katz, Jamie Thompson, Tabor Allen and Jet Elfman all add instrumentation to these recordings with incredible results. Limited to 100 pro-dubbed and imprinted cassettes, housed inside of a screen printed, folding chipboard case. Artwork for this release was done by Charlyne Yi and Jet Elfman. Includes an insert and digital download card.


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