Cruel Nature

CN036: Chochos y Moscas single-sided C30 £3
chochosThe average lifespan of a mosquito is only eleven days, Chochos y Moscas are mosquito supporters. They met in the year that the water supply was stopped at eight o’clock. Motivated by the carnival rides and inspired by working machinery they were immersed in a world of fantasy and irony. As they do not know how to draw well, they paint the pictures of their mundane lives through the gift of song to you. Presenting 80 Spanish experimental-boogaloo-grind-noise-merengue-powerviolence-salsacore in 15 minutes! Recorded on high quality red cassette, packaged in a red and black gatefold inlay and a red case. Limited to 25 cassettes world-wide.

CN037: Embrace Of Hedera/Raining Forest – ‘Forgotten Stories’ C20 £5
embraceEmbrace of Hedera is the work of Ukrainian Lilita Arndt who bewitches us with three works of melancholic Gothic acoustic neo-folk with haunting vocals, Brazil’s Raining Forest dish up four instrumental tracks of astral black metal guitar. Recorded on high quality green cassette, packaged in full colour gatefold inlay. Limited to 25 cassettes world-wide.

CN038: Beheat Gorum de Mentheurd – ‘Abendstimmung Über Einer Dorfstraße’ C40 £5
beheatBowing out in style with this final release, Beheat Gorum de Mentheurd serves up three lush dark ambient / black metal fuzz guitar meets electronica soundscapes. Oozing melody and cinematic atmosphere with echoes of Tangerine Dream at their finest. Co-released with Locust Amber Records and limited to 30 copies world-wide, split across 15 orange tapes and 15 pink tapes.


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